hacked by Kareem_HaCkEr

hacked by Kareem_HaCkEr

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  1. Tom Kearney says:

    Come To Me

    You will find me in the silence
    I will raise you from your fear
    Love to you is ever calling
    Be still and know that I am here

    I am hope for all the hopeless
    Trust in Me and you shall see
    Share with me each joy and sorrow
    Come and rest awhile with Me

    Take the path that leads to freedom
    Peace the world can never give
    Only I can heal your yearning
    Come to Me and you shall live .

    • Mark Prondzinski says:

      Wow, I’ve seen Groundhog Day almost as many times as Bill has relived that day! I love the movie, because I
      I find it so inspiring. I always thought how the story is like our relationship with God. How he continually gives us another chance time after time after time until finally, hopefully we get it! And Andie’s character is a kind and patient, loving, moral compass that keeps Bill focussed on where he needs to go with his life, even though he fumbles alot along the way. Very much like our relationship with Jesus! My prayer is that other people who see this movie see more than just a 80’s comedy, and be inspired by it’s !esson for our own struggle through life!

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