The Joy of the Gospel

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  1. Judy Kallmeyer says:

    Every reception of Jesus in the Eucharist is an encounter with Him. Can there be any greater joy than having the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Lord Jesus uniting with our bodies! Are we not eating the Bread of Life and Drinking the Cup of Salvation? Then His blood is flowing through our veins, and His body mingling with our own. How many times have we herd the old adage, “You are what you eat.” Our food becomes part of our blood, bones, teeth, muscles. And so if we eat the Body of the Lord, and we are what we eat, then we should be becoming the living presence of the Lord in the world today. His presence within us is the cause of our joy. And as you have said, we need to nurture ourselves, His presence within us, with prayer. It should be easy, but as I am getting older, I find it more difficult. When I was young, I had no difficulty spending even an hour alone with Jesus in prayer. Now, I find it difficult to spend 10 minutes with Him. I fall asleep during any type of prayer–the Rosary, Liturgy of the Hours, meditation. While I persevere in recitation of the Rosary and praying the Liturgy of the Hours, I have given up on meditation. Prayer has become for me little moments of recollection or conversation with Him, rather than protracted periods of prayer. I miss the intimacy of the prayer of my younger days, but perhaps this current type of prayer is pleasing to the Lord and perhaps even His will for me at this stage of my life. And some of these little moments arespecial encounters with Him. I look forward to them. I would like to accept your challenge to engage in 10-15 minutes of prayer daily. I will set aside such time every day and beg the grace of the Lord to persevere in this prayer. Perhaps, Father, you have some thoughts or advice you could offer me.

  2. Judy murphy says:

    Great book! I just finished reading it. Thanks for your prayerful and encouraging words.

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