Breathe. Pray. Be Grateful

When  is the last time you paused to be aware of your breath, your heartbeat, your senses?

Yesterday afternoon I took a rosary-walk around the seminary property, as I like to frequently do. After I finished the rosary I continued to walk slowly. I took several deep breaths, observed the autumn foliage, and just allowed myself to be deeply aware of God’s presence, the beauty around me, and the inner peace I was experiencing.

I felt deep gratitude at that moment. I began to pray in gratitude to the Lord for his beautiful creation. I thanked him for the gift of peace. I thanked him for the many people in my life who love me.

And I said to Jesus, “why don’t I do this more often, Lord? Why don’t I just take more time to breath, feel, and be grateful to you?” It’s amazing, this transformative power of pausing, breathing, awareness of God’s presence within us and in creation.

Take time to do this today. Breath deeply and slowly. Pray. Become aware of the Lord’s love for you. Take in the beauty of creation. Offer gratitude to God for all of your blessings.

This brief moment in your day contains immense spiritual power.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Thank you Fr. for so beautiful ideas to get in contact with our Lord. I really like your website, it helps me to pray. The best of it is that you share your own experience.. God bless you and all your apostolate.
    Rosemary from Spain

  2. Patricia Wang says:

    Lord, give me the Gift of a Grateful Heart!


    Being with the Lord each day is a great gift. Sometimes it is difficult because of so many distractions. The business that sometimes takes charge of us. What I try to do is lift my mind and heart to Him with frequent short prayers that come from my heart. A look of love from my heart to His no matter what I am doing. I am in my car a lot and that is where I strive to be with Him I am glad I found this blog, I hope it brings me closer to Him. That is the purpose of our journey. Peace too all.

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