Stop Judging Yourself

Sometimes I get frustrated with myself.  I get impatient with my imperfections.  I get upset at how I can be so focused on the Lord and spiritual living for an extended period of time and then, it seems, in an instant I can slide back into old habits.

So often I take two steps forward and three steps back.  I frequently think of St. Paul’s words: “What I do, I do not understand. For I do not do what I want, but I do what I hate” (Romans 7:15).

But a couple of weeks ago I was sitting in quiet prayer and the Lord spoke to my heart: “Stop judging yourself and live.”

Interesting, I thought.  I wrote those words in my journal, but I didn’t completely understand them…until I recently had one of my two-steps-foward-three-steps-back moments.

You see, in my life I’ve had a tendency to focus on the bad feelings that come after what I perceive to be a failure (I hated losing basketball games when I was younger!).  So I think what the Lord was telling me is that those bad feelings are often triggered because I spend too much time judging myself (“Stop judging yourself”).  If I can simply acknowledge my mistake and keep living, then those negative emotions won’t have such a deep hold on me.

The Way of the Cross is very instructive for us in this regard: Jesus fell, but He kept going.  That’s exactly what he wants us to do; and He gives us the strength to do it.

When we think that we’ve failed, we simply ought to acknowledge it, make a sincere act of sorrow to the Lord, and keep living, keep moving forward.  That’s what God wants.

God is our judge.  So stop judging yourself and keep on living.  Jesus desires us to live in the freedom of the Spirit.  We can’t do that if we’re always caught up in what we’ve done wrong.  We’re all going to make mistakes, but let’s learn from them and keep moving forward.

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8 Responses to “Stop Judging Yourself”

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  1. Kevin otieno says:

    May God reveal 2 u more & thangs 4 encouraging my soul

  2. Bill Bowden says:

    Thank you Fr.
    “Speak Lord, your servant is listening” I hear Wisdom in your words….


  3. mike says:

    …this is a very relevant and timely post for me Father …interestingly i’ve been pondering this subject just recently as i try to imagine myself being able to mentally ‘move on’ or rebound immediately after a(another) failure,disappointment or let-down of some sort..letting go of ‘stuff” does’nt come naturally easy for me,there seems to be years of leftover residual effect in my spirit..over the years i have increasingly become pessimistic and jaded so to speak…it seems that i instinctively always look for the negative in situations and people so as not to have the eventual bombshell take me by suprise later on…sometimes Father i think that God has intentionally over-exposed me to the corrupt/rotten to the core nature of the fallen Human race and im rarely disappointed……

  4. mike says:

    …i apologize for being such a kill-joy with my first ever comment here….my spiritual advisor has told me many times that even though i may be right about all the negativity i see around me that I must make a decision as to what i choose to focus on saying :”Do you want to be Happy or do you want to be right”……… :/

  5. Quwanna says:

    I was just praying to God about how much I hated myself because I never do anything right. It’s like no matter what i do I’m always making God mad at e and always getting punished, cursed and its really taking a toll on me. It’s like can I ever make God happy? Can I ever make him smile? I’m always under demonic attacks in my dreams and even when i’m awake sometimes. I disobey God and I feel sorry but that doesn’t change the fact that i still do it. My mind is my greatest weakness if i could just get me some sanity I know i’ll be better even if only by a little bit. My greatest fear is being punished my God because i’m truly scared of him and his conviction. It feels like im so close to him just giving up on me since he’s been trying to get me right for years and yet It feels like i can’t get to where i want or where he wants me to be. but i keep trying and trying. my love for him isn’t where i want it to be. maybe my expectations are to high or a human? I don’t know but can you please pray for me so that i can conquer these demons upon my life, so i can have faith, and that my love for him can increased. and that I can be free from myself to surrender all to Jesus and to break all things ungodly. Please pray for me.

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