Have Hope!

A little something different today: my first video blog!  Hope you enjoy.  Forgive me for the bad formatting.  I’ll try to work on it in the future.  I’m venturing into new technological territory!


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61 Responses to “Have Hope!”

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  1. Lisa Gulino says:

    Oh Father you are cutting edge and a good son of the Church heeding Pope Benedict’s message for priests to use technology. 🙂
    Very nice video. Nice way to mix things up!
    Getting ready to take some retreat time. Please know that the formation team and seminarians will be in the forefront of my prayers. And pray for me!
    God bless,

  2. Great Job Fr. Mike. Really liked the video, but please know that you truly do have a gift for ministry, and it flows through your words, both spoken and written.
    Either way, I look forward to hearing from you again soon. 🙂

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:

      Thanks Rachel and Mike! So what you’re saying is that you’d rather read my words than see my face! : ) I get the hint! Thanks for reading and watching. Be assured of my prayers.


      Fr. Michael Najim


      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Kim Dumas says:

    Very nice video blog! I needed that message, school is really weighing on me these days, I’ve been very stressed 🙁 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fr. Michael, I like the Vlog (I think that’s what you call this video blog thing?). It’s so timely to bring out Ignatius’ idea of desolation and consolation during the Lent season as we also anticipate Easter. I just think it’s wonderful for you to use modern technology for spiritual nurturing of people.

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:

      Thanks for reading. There’s so much “bad” out there on the internet that we must use it for good. I’m happy to hear that you’re familiar with St. Ignatius.
      Keep up your good work.


  5. Rachel says:


    Thanks for a great video. It was very touching for me as I have been going through some rough times the last few months with the lost of loved ones, a new job, school and everyday life. Can’t wait to feel God’s love once again. I am hoping! The Apostolate Mary Mother of Priests is still in my heart and my prayers go with all our beloved priests each day, you especially. God Bless

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:

      Keep hoping! Despair is never from the Holy Spirit. Thanks for your prayers, and thanks for reading.


  6. Anita says:

    I enjoyed the video – it’s nice to hear a voice connected to the reflection….the warm weather does indeed give hop to the soul. Thanks Fr. Michael for your wonderful blog – I often pass along the link to a bunch of my friends and family. Enjoy the weekend!

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:


      Thanks so much for passing along my reflections. I do hope that they help people. The challenge is to live what I write about!


  7. Claire says:

    So timely and awesome, Father Najim. What a wonderful message to start my day!

  8. Lindsay Rigby says:

    Fr. Mike,

    I love it! Your reflections are always an inspiration, but it was especially nice to hear it coming right from the source! :o) You’re so right: with Christ, there is always hope. When I find myself in one of those periods of desolation, I do exactly what you suggested: tell myself, “this, too, shall pass.” Whatever we’re feeling, we can always choose to believe in God’s love, and that we’ll feel His consoling presence once more. But, then again, that too, shall pass! lol I suppose that’s why faith is not just a feeling, but rather, a choice.

    God bless you, Fr. Mike, and thank you again for the wonderful ways (written or video!) that you continue to make Christ’s presence known.

    Peace and blessings,

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:


      My mom always says that as well, “This too shall pass.” It’s a great reminder that consolation will always return if we persevere in hope.

      God bless you!

  9. maribeth page scahill says:

    Hi Fr. Mike,

    I love the idea of the video. It’s so personal and heartfelt. I love to start my day with your inspirational messages, either written or by video. Hope you are well.

    Maribeth 🙂

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:


      It means a lot to me that this blog is helpful for you. Thanks so much for visiting. Spread the word!


  10. Denise says:

    Fr. Michael, it’s great to get to “meet” you through the video. I feel like I know you a little better having now seen your face and heard your voice.

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:

      Thanks Denise! Although I plan to keep writing, I think it will be good to mix it up a bit every once in a while.
      As I said, I enjoy ignatianspirituality.com

  11. Michelle says:

    Hey Fr Mike! Nice video, and beautiful words. I do however also like to have your words in writing because then I can re-read them, and meditate on the written text. I guess I could always transcribe them. This way the message can sink in a bit better.
    PS: maybe one day you can give us a *virtual retreat* :0)

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:

      I definitely plan to keep writing, but once in a while I many throw a video in the mix. Hmmm….a virtual retreat. Now you have me thinking. That may be something I do in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.


  12. Rick says:

    Fr. Mike,
    Thanks so much for your video. I am hopeful. Can you tell us a little about bringing hope to others? How can I convince those around me that spring is coming?


    • Fr. Michael Najim says:

      We must be able to give a reason for our hope. As is says in 1 Peter 3:15: “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope,
      but do it with gentleness and reverence.” I think the way we bring hope to others is by living authentically joyful Christian lives. People must see that the Christian life is the way to peace and joy. Our example speaks most powerfully.


  13. joanne says:

    Thank you, Fr Najim!!
    With 40 Days For Life in full swing (as usual, I feel like the devil has taken a full swing at my heart and my head by mid-campaign) it is good to be reminded that Easter will surely follow these hints of spring we’ve been enjoying. The weather, this time around, precedes the reality. 🙂
    I find the video format particularly comforting. Thank you for YOUR hope, your faith, your charity, and especially your priesthood. I am ending this day, rather than beginning it, with hope because of your kind message.

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:


      Thanks for the good work you’re doing with the 40 Days for Life, and thanks for taking time to visit my blog.


  14. Dympna says:

    Your video and your messages are great! Thank you so much and may God bless you and all our beloved priests.

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:


      Thanks so much! I appreciate your feedback and your taking time to visit my blog. Thanks for praying for priests.

  15. Christine Dufresne says:

    I enjoyed hearing you speak again, it has been a while since you were at FIAT. I love getting your blog emailed to me, it seems to be just what I need to hear every time, if that is possible. Last week’s blog on forgiveness has helped me turn around several situations that could have turned out quite miserable had I forgotten to give them over to God, like I normally do (well did, hopefully). I look forward to the HOPE of what next times’ message will be. God bless you and Mary keep you always.

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:


      I’m happy to hear that my post on forgiveness was helpful to you. With God’s grace, everything is possible.
      Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.


  16. Alfred says:

    Great stuff!! Keep it up! We all need to hear this. Especially me at the moment. Please pray for me and my family!

    Thanks again ……..

  17. Kelli McNulty says:

    Hi Father Mike,
    Great video and what an awesome message … echoing what so many of us feel during these bitter cold winter months. It is truly hope and anticipation for the new springtime that gets us through the dark cold days…both physically and spiritually. Thank you again for your wonderful blog. I look forward to getting your emails with your latest food for thought.
    God bless you and all the seminarians! … and THANK YOU for giving your “yes” to our Lord!

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:


      As always, thanks for taking the time to read or “watch” my blog. It truly does motivate me to keep doing it! Thanks for your prayers.


  18. Kathleen Decker says:

    Someone I know who recovered from what was considered incurable mental illness once told me that, in a desolate and despairing climate, a compassionate soul looked them in the eye and said, “There is hope for you”. It was the spark that lit the flame of desire to become well again. Praise God for messengers of Hope! Love and Peace to you!

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:

      Thanks Kathleen for that message of hope! Hope definitely does spark a flame in our souls.
      God bless you!

  19. R. L says:

    Fr. Najim,
    Great job on the video blog. Thanks for giving us the hope of a new season in our lives, not only spiritually, but seasonally. Keep up the great work, you are a special person.

  20. Hello Fr. Mike,
    Great video; I really liked the message. Thanks for being an apostle of hope!
    In His Peace

  21. Stephen Battey says:

    Video blog??!! I like it!! Thank you for posting Father.

  22. Ann Pulliam says:

    Fr. Michael,

    Just discovered your blog. Love it and the video you did on hope. Please continue the good work. You are such a blessing. I will pray for you faithfully as you continue to be there for all of us.

  23. Father, it is so good to “see you”! The message is beautiful and I have passed it on to several friends. May God bless and keep you.

  24. Mary Weeks says:

    Beautiful! Thank you, Father.

  25. Anastasiya says:

    Hi Fr. Michael,
    thank you for this video. I think that seeing you and hearing you adds so much to the wonderful message that you bring into our world. The message was wonderful because HOPE and faith are the only two lights that can lead us through the darkest and coldest hours or years of life. Thank you again for this message!

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:


      Thanks for your feedback. I like your analogy of hope and faith as lights that lead us through the darkness. So true.
      Keep up the great work at Balance in Me.

  26. Audra says:

    Hey Father,
    Thanks for this – it has been a desolate winter here in the UK too.
    I hope it encourages you to continue to reach out knowing your thoughts (words or video blogs, I love the video by the way) end up all over the globe.
    God bless and I look forward to reading more.

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:


      It is certainly a great encouragement to know that this blog has an audience “across the pond.” I was in Heathrow on my way to Rome last month. I missed my connection so I had a few hours. Would you believe I had tea and crumpets for the first time?! I didn’t even know what a crumpet was.

      Thanks for reading.


  27. Dympna says:

    Dear Fr.Michael,
    Our Church,and especially our priests,are suffering here in Ireland at the present time – but we have FAITH and HOPE! Your words are so encouraging.Thank you! Please pray for us.
    God bless you.

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:


      It is truly heartbreaking to hear what is happening in Ireland. But you are right: we must have faith and hope. The Lord can do great things, even with a small remnant. I will pray for you and the Church in Ireland.


  28. Jose says:

    Fr. Najim, this is my first time on your website. I learned of it from an interview I found of you on google. I haven’t read your book but would like to do so soon. I was picked this message or felt drawn to it because of my current situation and want to say that your words were nothing short of uplifting. Thanks. I like to think that I believe in no god but because of up bringing as a christian, I’m drawn to this class of message.

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:


      I’m happy to hear that you found this post helpful. Thanks for visiting my blog. All I can tell you that is that the Lord loves you. He is very real!


  29. Maureen Haberek says:

    Mike, I like the video, I always get distracted when I try reading your blog…nothing against you, sometimes it is just easier to listen. And the girls like seeing Uncle Mike on the computer.

    • Fr. Michael Najim says:

      That’s awesome! I can just see Olivia and Nicole flipping out watching me on the computer!

  30. stephanie says:

    The main drawback for me is not being able to pause and reflect as easily…had to watch it twice. I’m not an auditory learner…I get distracted unless I can read along. For auditory learners, this is probably very effective, though, and I’m sure that you will reach many with these videos. God bless!


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