Here’s Some Inspiration to Keep You Going!

In our walk with the Lord, we often fall.  We sin every day.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get discouraged by my own weaknesses.  However, the Lord wants us to keep going.  His desire is that we begin again and again.  He wants us to focus on His love, not on our sins.  He’s always willing to forgive us, we just simply need to ask.  (For my Catholic readers, if you haven’t been to confession in a long time, I encourage you to go).  The more we focus on God’s love, and the more we persevere, the more peace, joy, and fulfillment we will experience in our lives–regardless of the obstacles.

Here’s an inspiring video about perseverance and overcoming obstacles.  Nick is an inspiration.  He believes that God has given him this ministry.  He teaches us how grateful we should be for our lives and how important it is to persevere.

You can also check out his website here

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  1. LuceMichael says:

    wow, that’s uplifting and humbling. God is good.

  2. Fr. Najim, I absolutely loved watching that video of Nick! His decision to be inspirational to others (instead of going the other way) reminds me of something I still believe in these trying times, that human beings are capable of extraordinary things. If only we would all realize this about ourselves instead of falling into the traps that we ourselves make…


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