Simple Resolutions for the New Year

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged, but I thought I would once again suggest some simple but powerful resolutions for the New Year. So, without a lot of fanfare, here they are:

  1. Commit to daily prayer – The stronger our relationship with God is, the stronger our relationships with others will be. Commit to carving out 10-15 minutes of quiet meditation each day. Get away from distractions and be silent. Focus on strengthening your relationship with Jesus by meditating on how much he loves you.
  2. Commit to relationship building – Is there anything more important in our lives than relationships? If so, then why do we waste so much time on other things that just don’t matter? This year, focus on strengthening your most cherished relationships. Make that phone call.  Meet that person for lunch. Write that letter. Ask for forgiveness or forgive.  Just do it. You know it’s important!
  3. Commit to simplifying your life – Life is so much richer when it’s simple. Little by little, get rid of things you don’t need. Clean out your closets and drawers and give your clothes to the needy. Throw things out that you don’t need. Living simply brings clarity to our lives.
  4. Commit to serving the neediest among us – It’s super easy to write a check to charity. But it’s more fulfilling to show up and serve those in need. Find a place where you can serve the poor. Talk with them. Get to know their stories. It will change you.

Do these things and you will have a transformational year!  God bless you.

New Day, New Blessings

To say that I love being a high school chaplain is an understatement.  As I walk the halls of La Salle Academy, I’m often reminded of the verse from Psalm 16, “He has put into my heart a marvelous love for the faithful ones who dwell in his land.”  I truly love the students that […]

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Breathe. Pray. Be Grateful

When  is the last time you paused to be aware of your breath, your heartbeat, your senses? Yesterday afternoon I took a rosary-walk around the seminary property, as I like to frequently do. After I finished the rosary I continued to walk slowly. I took several deep breaths, observed the autumn foliage, and just allowed […]

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Make a Gift of Yourself!

(The following is the text of my homily to the 2013 graduating class of La Salle Academy where I serve as chaplain): In the early 16th century, St. Ignatius of Loyola established an order of priests called the Society of Jesus.  Today we know them as the Jesuits.  In fact, some of you will be […]

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A Holy Week Meditation

A prayerful reading of the Gospels readings on Monday through Wednesday of Holy Week will aid to deepen our contemplation of the Passion of Christ.  The Church in her wisdom has provided these Gospel passages to prepare us to celebrate the Paschal Mystery. A close, contemplative reading of each of the three Gospel passages leading […]

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Your Lenten Game Plan

Lent begins on February 13.  In this video I talk about having a good game plan for Lent.  You might need to turn your volume up on this video.  I was under the weather last week and I start speaking more softly as the video progresses.  Enjoy and feel free to share it!    

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How to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety robs us of inner peace.  Nothing good comes of it.  Anxiety causes restless days, sleepless nights, and even affects our health. So if nothing goods comes from anxiety, why do we allow it to have so much power over us?  I think because it’s such a powerful emotion; it grips us, and we actually […]

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The Gift of Pain

I’ve learned many lessons in my short life, but one thing is for sure: we all know what it’s like to experience pain.  Life can be difficult at times, and pain can come to us in different ways: physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological. You’ve probably experienced pain in your life.  Maybe you’re in pain right […]

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The Power of God

“Do not let that hope die! Stake your lives on it! We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures; we are the sum of the Father’s love for us and our real capacity to become the image of his Son (Pope John Paul II).” I’ve been there. I know how it feels to be […]

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Breaking the Guilt-Shame Cycle

It’s the poisonous thought followed by the feeling of self-loathing.  It’s remembering the wrong choice from a month ago, a week ago, or even from yesterday, followed by the sinking feeling in your gut that you’re just no good, that you’re stuck, that as hard as you try you won’t be able to break the […]

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